Empowered Collaboration Training


To dismantle barriers to under-represented groups engagement with heritage and fully embrace diversity in the heritage sector we must be sensitive to discrimination: accepting our ignorance and discomfort and turning this into understanding and acceptance. Once we achieve this we can then work towards empowering heritage professionals and under-served community groups to work together to create outputs representative of demographics.

This is a complex and sensitive topic which I call Empowered Collaboration. It is broken down into two phases. Phase one is Sensitivity training which covers areas such as: understanding your own privilege, emotional labour, implicit bias and the importance of using life experience in a professional setting. Phase two is concerned with co-production, by outlining how to advertise for collaborators -in the form of an inter-sectional volunteer group from underserved communities, and set up regular meetings. Discussions in phase two include combating inequality by reimagining labelling, collection narrative, interpretation, exhibitions and public programmes.

By doing this we can begin to make a truly safe space for those under-represented groups. Growing pains are necessary to change the status quo but this is an exciting and important part of creating a fully diverse and integrated profession.

Please find below a snap shot of what the training programme includes:

Training Length: One day

Price enquiries: Email Jassthethi@gmail.com


I would definitely recommend this training to any heritage, art, museum or cultural organisations and curators, students, work places and any other environment

Really great! Some very important and complex ideas expressed in an accessible way. Thanks!

Training Session: Empowered Collaboration – Diversifying archives through co-production at Empowering and Creating Archives, Newcastle University
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