Consulting and Training to improve Diversity, Inclusion and Intersectionality your organisation

Training & Consultation to Increase Diversity, Inclusion & Intersectionality in your organisation

I just wanted to say thank you for the talk/presentation – it was so relaxed and lovely it was like having a coffee catch-up with an old friend. You were inspirational and it was so great to learn from your experiences.

Master Class Participant
Hi, I'm Jass Thethi
Hi, I’m Jass Thethi

I’m the Managing Director and Founder of Intersectional GLAM, Well Spoken Tokens and the Intersectional GLAM CIC and 2021 Conference: Disrupt and Empower.
I have been described as a Leader of Diversity and Inclusion, Mentor, Philanthropist and pain in the ass to the Status Quo.
I have published academic papers and work from my blog posts are used in academic archival courses.
I have worked with UK and international organisations to develop their diversity, inclusion and intersectionality.