Creating Spaces for Marginalised Voices in the GLAM Sector

We are dedicated to re-imagining Galleries, Libraries Archives and Museums (GLAM sector) through an intersectional lens, by dismantling the historically colonial and hetro-patriarchal collection and exhibition practices.

Our Beliefs

Memory institutions have a social responsibility to protect our collective memories. However, unequal power structures result in many forgotten, undervalued and erased histories from various under represented groups. This includes; LGBTQIA, Disabled, BAME, First Nations, Neuro-divergent, working class and women. We believe with tweaks to current collection practices we can give these voices the space they deserve.

What we offer

Online training

Online training is available here! It includes, Equality, Diversity Training and Implicit and Unconscious Bias Training. Upcoming Training Sessions Include; Transgender Awareness Training, Disability Awareness Training and Decolonising the GLAM Sector.

Face to Face Training

Bespoke training is available within all memory institutions. Intersectional GLAM founder and Managing Director Jass Thethi traveled across the UK delivering sessions. Experience is here and Testimonials can be found here

Free Resources

Written discussions exploring Diversity, Inclusion and Intersectionality are available here.

Well Spoken Tokens Podcast: A series which discusses important GLAM topics such as Decolonisation, Trans awareness, LGBTQIA histories and much more. Available here.


Please feel free to contact Intersectional GLAM CIC