Implicit and Unconscious Bias Training for GLAM professionals

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CW: Reference to historical discrimination against Women, BAME, LBTQIA+, and Disabled Peoples.

Although BAME, LGBTQIA+ Disabled communities and Women are now legally protected, much of the historical discrimination has social implications that carry on to this day, which in turn become implicit / unconscious bias. In this course you will learn about these historical events, how they impact our biases, how these biases continue to spread, and the ways in which we can challenge these biases.

This unconscious bias training will take you through the three main biases, Perception bias, Affinity Bias and Confirmation Bias.

The course includes video lectures, one pop quiz and reflective assessments.

1 review for Implicit and Unconscious Bias Training for GLAM professionals

  1. Jass Thethi (verified owner)

    June 17, 2020 at 2:11 pm
    Thank you for this really helpful course. I was aware of some of the aspects but needed a more solid grounding in the principles and this course provided that and more. I found the reflective sections particularly useful, and I’ve now got a lot to take away and think about. I’ll definitely be doing your other courses. Thank you again.

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