Bespoke Facilitated Services

Note: I am not taking on any new clients at the moment. I do have online, self-led courses available here: (March 2022)

We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Have a look at the types of sessions I offer below, scroll further and you will find an example of what a course day might look like. Let’s collaborate and discuss which services fit your needs and budget. Get in touch for a free consultation below.

Currently available:

– Anti-Racism Training

– Decolonising the GLAM sector

– Diversity, Inclusion, and Intersectionality Training

– Creating Accessible Conferences and Meetings

– Culturally Sensitive Collection Descriptions

– Empowered Collaboration Training

-Transgender and Gender Variance Training

– Unconscious and Implicit Bias Training

Example: Culturally Sensitive Collection Descriptions

Pre-course Activities

The course applicants are required to complete a privilege quiz and a reading / or video ahead of the session. Course participants are invited to send any questions to so I can ensure they will be discussed in the training session. Alternatively, these can be collated by the course organizer and emailed through.

Course Day

Part One (50 minutes): Ice breaker activity Presentation: The creation of unconscious bias and its effect on descriptors in the archive sector followed by breakout room discussions.

Break (10 minutes) 

Part Two: (60 minutes) Practical steps towards culturally sensitive archival descriptions 

Part Three: (30 minutes) Question and Answer: Jass will answer any questions and concerns from the participants and lead a discussion about culturally sensitive archival descriptions  


All participants will receive a 50% discount voucher code for all self-led, online courses on Intersectional GLAM. This can also be used by the institution to buy discounted courses for their employees. All participants have the option to address their concerns at various points and receive optional further self-led resources through the intersectional GLAM website. 

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