Jass spoke with passion and insight at an event we hosted at Newcastle University. The work she presented was particularly well received by our Museums Studies masters students, who really engaged with the subject. Jass drew attention to aspects of our work where we can be better and do better, which is always extremely valuable. I would highly recommend booking Jass to speak at an event or offer a training session

– David Farrell-Banks coordinator of ‘Empowering and Creating Archives,’ Newcastle University 2019

Jass delivered an important talk on contextualizing problematic language for a workshop at the University of Manchester. Her talk explained how archival materials and labels are often racist or outdated, and solidified the need to update the language surrounding such sources. Jass is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about this issue; her expertise is invaluable to anyone working with archival material or doing historical research.

-Anne Stokes, coordinator of Sense and Sensitivity: Dealing with sensitive Primary Material to do with Race, University of Manchester, 2019

I would definitely recommend this training to any heritage, Art, Museum, cultural organisations and curators, students, workplaces and any other environments.

Really great! Some very important and complex ideas expressed in an accessible way. Thanks!

– Participants from Empowered Collaboration; Authentic co-production training, 2019