Our Values

Memory institutions have a social responsibility to protect our collective memories. However, unequal power structures result in many forgotten, undervalued and erased histories from various underrepresented groups. This includes; LGBTQIA, Disabled, BAME, First Nations, Neuro-divergent, working-class and women. We believe with training and tweaks to current organisational practices we can give these voices the space they deserve.

Jass spoke with passion and insight at an event we hosted at Newcastle University. The work she presented was particularly well received by our Museums Studies masters students, who really engaged with the subject. Jass drew attention to aspects of our work where we can be better and do better, which is always extremely valuable. I would highly recommend booking Jass to speak at an event or offer a training session

– David Farrell-Banks coordinator of ‘Empowering and Creating Archives,’ Newcastle University 2019

Let’s build something together.

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