Disrupt and Empower mission statement:

We aspire to create a fully intersectional conference, resulting in a space in which anyone, from any stage in their profession can learn to use their valuable skills to become an advocate for intersectionality within the GLAM sector.

Galleries, Libraries and Archives and Museums (GLAM) are not neutral. People from BAME, LGBTQIA, Neuro-divergent, disabled and Working Class backgrounds are often overlooked, misrepresented or erased from the sector.

Well not anymore!

#IGLAM2020 is a grassroots conference organised to empower everyone within the sector by centering stories and opinions of overlooked and erased peoples.

Come along and help me create a ruckus which leads to a real, dependable, and intersectional GLAM.

Speakers from the most impacted groups of misrepresentation and erasure will be running the show.

This includes people of BAME, LGBTQIA, Neuro-divergent, disabled and Working Class backgrounds. Their professional and personal experience give you the tools to empower yourselves to create space for overlooked groups.

Sliding scale ticket costs available based on statements surrounding basic needs and income. Varying from £20.00-£100.00.

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