ARA 2019 Handouts

This page post is dedicated to the 2019 Archives and Records Association, taking place in august 2019. On this page you can find the handouts and presentation for the day.

Please remember to credit Jass Thethi, Managing Director of International GLAM, and link to the website if you use the material for any reason.

Empowered collaboration Presentation:

Privilege Quiz (Rapid Fire Race Edition):



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LGBTQIA Awesomeness from the Archives

This blog post will explore some of the LGBTQIA+ community in the John Rylands Special Collections! 

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Archives and Inclusivity: Unearthing Erased Communities

In the last blog post I discussed the importance of creating racially sensitive archival descriptions. In this blog post I will discuss the importance of tactfully highlighting the histories of erased communities within archives through labelling. The following post will have practical suggestions on how this relabelling can be used to increase representation in exhibitions.